That’s the thing about books. They let you travel without moving your feet.
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Are you sitting down? You better be. Because I am about to knock your socks off.

After months of putting it off, I, QQ, overlord and master of Query Quagmire, am hosting another educational, instructive, and—above all!—entertaining game. This game will function a lot like our last two rounds of

Gather your first lines, writers! Query Quagmire, aka Renowned Queen Professional Editor of Tumblr, is taking opening line submissions to judge and/or mock. Can you handle the pressure!?

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Gentle Reminders About Writing


1. There is no shame in writing slow. Your writing takes as long to develop as it takes. Writing is not a race. There is something very seductive about slow writing, about the care being given to the words when the writing happens at a more languorous pace. This is not to say fast writers don’t take care. We do. All writers approach their craft differently and there’s so much room for that difference. 

2. Prolific doesn’t mean good. Sometimes, it just means someone has produced a lot of mediocre writing. Do you want to be known for writing a lot or for writing well? 

3. Getting your name out there is only as useful as the writing you’re associating with your name. 

4. The Internet makes it easy to think the only way to write/publish is fast and often. This is not true. Don’t let what others are doing, and how much you know about what others are doing, create unnecessary pressure in your writing life. Just do you. 


I use entirely too many semi colons in my writing; that worries me.

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I have love in me the likes of which you can scarcely imagine and rage the likes of which you would not believe. If I cannot satisfy the one, I will indulge the other.

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And the next time someone starts claiming that teenage girls have ruined the horror genre with romance or whatever you can be like, hey dicksmack, teenage girls and romance built your genre so sit the fuck down. (via sharpestrose)

Mary Shelley fucking invented your favourite genre motherfuckers. You owe her Kirk and Vader and every goddamned thing Joss has ever done that’s made you cream your pants. Created when she was a teenager cause, hey, that’s how she rolled. She took love and showed it as the powerful, terrifying, all-encompassing, ruthless, wrathful thing it is. (via piinboots)

And I would like to add:

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This interview that André Leon Talley did wth Quvenzhané Wallis is SO FREAKING CUTE, especially the last 25 seconds or so.


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writing specific characters - advice


Some useful links when writing multicultural books:


And lets be honest, all your stories should be multicultural.

These are all by the same author, but she pulls out passages from other authors both good and bad!

I haven’t explored this fully yet, but it is a LONG discussion of race on livejournal. It is split up over many posts and responses.

Eh, this one isn’t great. But if you are just looking for another voice thinking about this issue it will do.

I really liked this article, although the first three were some of the most helpful.

If you guys know of more excellent links! Add them!!

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Darcy returns!

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